• A Whitetail Calendar

    January has come and gone. If you live in the northern states like I do (PA), then you are most likely still in the thick of some bitter weather. Going to work in the morning is generally even more disdaining when you think about warming up your vehicle before hittin’ the road. However, you take solace in knowing that you have 2 large fields, a creek bed, and an open thicket that you can gawk at - in hopes of seeing deer - on the way in.
  • 5 Hunting Rifles that won't break the bank By: Regan Lovelace

    It used to be that the term "budget hunting rifle" was code for "piece of junk." However, times have changed and many companies are now producing reasonably priced, yet still high-quality hunting rifles.
  • A Whitetail Calendar By: Lee Totten

    Most hunters will proudly admit that they are passionate about hunting! “If I could choose between $1,000,000 and hunting, I’d happily choose… Whoa! There’s a buck in that field!” Some hunters will spend hours upon hours in hopes of harvesting possibly 2-300 pounds of wild game meat each year. “I gotta fill the freezer!” Other hunters spend the same amount of time chasing an infamous “hit list” buck. “I’m a trophy hunter!” Both mindsets are perfectly acceptable as long as we appreciate the fact that we get to participate in the greatest pastime ever created – sorry, baseball.
  • Inspiring the Next Generation By: Lee Totten

    Am I the only dad who has heard their 10 year old growl with frustration at a video game? I didn’t think so. My son is smart, funny, and even athletic. Yet, his love for video games is hard to overcome. So, as he got older, I tried to find something that I loved, that maybe he would love: pizza. Just kidding. It’s hunting. I wanted him to love hunting.

  • Roots By: Aaron Palma

    Growing up, I loved to hunt. I loved everything about hunting, the preparation, the late nights, the early mornings, anticipation for the hunt. I hunted everything I could! I started hunting on computer games before I was old enough! I sat with my dad before I could carry a gun or bow.