Roots By: Aaron Palma


    Growing up, I loved to hunt. I loved everything about hunting, the preparation, the late nights, the early mornings, anticipation for the hunt. I hunted everything I could! I started hunting on computer games before I was old enough! I sat with my dad before I could carry a gun or bow. Then finally, old enough to hunt for myself! Not only was I looking for big bucks, I was looking for dinner. Along with everyone else in my family, I was looking to fill the freezer. I grew up in West Michigan. Deer hunting was a staple of the fall for my family and we lived it all year round. My dad and I would go out very early in the spring and scout for deer, look for sheds, and plan our tree stand locations around what crops were going to be planted. I lived and breathed hunting in the Midwest. Of course I always dreamed of hunting other big game species in different states. I always wanted adventure. I moved to Missouri for college and spent a few years there hunting the same, whitetail deer for food to survive college. But I still had big dream of hunting western states for other opportunities.

    Fast forward to today, I live in Eastern Colorado. I never dreamed I would get to hunt Mule Deer, Elk, and Pronghorn ever in my life, let alone on a yearly basis! It is an amazing feeling to have had some remarkable experiences living in the wild open west and have some of the great opportunities I have always dreamed of.  However, I miss the opportunities of my youth. I missed the scouting, the preparation, the quiet. Sitting in a tree stand or blind and watching, waiting, for deer to make the move, and to be ready for it, all these things I’m ready to experience again. So I’m returning to Missouri, where I’ll have the opportunities to hunt like I used to. Not that living and experiencing the western hunting adventures wasn’t super enjoyable, Or that I won’t miss it terribly.  I will definitely be back. I am going to get to enjoy more time hunting and even some fishing. And isn’t that something we all want?

Written by:  Aaron Palma