WOA Northwest Alabama Big Buck Contest
WOA Northwest Alabama Big Buck Contest
WOA Northwest Alabama Big Buck Contest
WOA Northwest Alabama Big Buck Contest
WOA Northwest Alabama Big Buck Contest
WOA Northwest Alabama Big Buck Contest
WOA Northwest Alabama Big Buck Contest

WOA Northwest Alabama Big Buck Contest

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 Anyone who joins the contest will be in the drawing for these two prizes!!!!
3 Nights in Gulf Shores and/or 2 Nights in North Georgia Mountains
$25.00 entry fee with $5.00 of each entry donated to the Outdoor Ability Foundation! For every 25 entries we will add a $250.00 cash prize along with all of the Sponsored products to the winner! Plus a free Shoulder Mount
Only whitetail deer are eligible for the Contest .
• Only deer harvested in the Alabama Counties of Limestone, Morgan, 
Cullman, Walker, Fayette, Lamar, Winston, Marion,
 Lawrence, Franklin, Colbert & Lauderdale may be entered in the Contest.
• Only deer taken by legal means may be entered in the Contest .
• Only deer taken under ethical, fair-chase hunting conditions may be entered. Specifically excluded are
taken inside of a pen/fence, regardless of the acreage enclosed.
• Only deer harvested on land where the hunter has a clear right and permission to hunt and landowner
rules are followed may be entered in the Contest .
• A “Found” deer (that is any deer that comes into the possession of a hunter by any means other than a
hunter actually sport hunting, legally shooting, and harvesting a deer within 24 hours) is not eligible for
entry in the Tournament.
• Only the hunter who harvested the deer may enter the deer in the Contest .
• Before a buck is caped or skinned, have digital or 35 mm color-print photos taken of you and your buck.
Bucks that are caped or skinned before photos are taken are not eligible for entry. 
• Each Contest  entrant must submit photos to the WOA Big Buck Facebook page and you must be shown in the picture. Full view of the deer is a must. This must be posted WOA Big Buck Facebook Page within seven (7) days!
• WOA reserves the right to make additional rules should circumstances not covered herein arise and to
waive or otherwise modify any rules stated herein if, in the judgment of WOA, said action would improve or
not materially harm the Contest
• By entering a deer in the Contest each entrant agrees to abide by and be bound by each and all
rules of the Contest.
• Should a dispute arise over eligibility of an entered deer, or regarding the ownership of the deer, the
disputing party must notify WOA by registered email mail @ woadeer@gmail.com within five business days of the harvest of
the deer, giving reasons for the dispute. In the event of a dispute, WOA will hold the prize(s) in escrow
until the parties can resolve the dispute, or until 60 days after the Contest . At that time, WOA will
move to resolve the dispute by such methods and means as it deems necessary. Each side will be held
financially liable before the fact, for all costs that may be incurred by WOA in its efforts to fairly resolve the
dispute. Failure to satisfy any financial obligation before the fact will be sufficient cause to reject any
and/or all claims by a disputing party. Additionally, WOA reserves the sole right and jurisdiction to resolve
all disputes. By entering a deer in the Tournament, each entrant recognizes and agrees to accept the
judgment of WOA and its agents and assigns as final and indisputable and further agrees to abide by all
rules of the Contest. Meanwhile, each disputing party agrees to all other terms, conditions and rules
of the Contest!
Once the entry fee is paid message the Whitetails Of Alabama Facebook page so you can be add to the secret WOA Big Buck Contest Page where we will have pictures of entries and random giveaways for Contest Entries only
Each entry must be scored Via the ScoreMyRack App it’s a free download Take screenshots of your measurements & final score. Once scored please submit pictures along with score to the Secret WOA Big Buck Contest Facebook page. Only Contest entries are allowed on this page.
If we have entries within 15-20 inches of one another we will have Steve Lucas an official scorer of Buckmasters an Alabama Whitetail Records come to a location determined by WOA for an official score and to announce the winner!